Welcome to my own little Code Garage. This is my collection of snippets, projects and such, collected in one handy place, that I’ve found useful over the years.

Like anything at a garage sale, I’ve successfully used this stuff for a years, and “It works on my machine(s)”, but your mileage may vary.

And the disclaimer: All of this stuff is of varying degrees of quality. Some of it I wrote recently, with all the latest object-oriented design principles in mind. Some of it was hacked together to get something done quickly. Some of it was hacked together s.l.o.w.l.y over years as I refined the approach I took. And some of it I wrote years ago, found very helpful, and, though it may be of limited usefulness now, might be handy for someone out there.

If you use anything here, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to post back or use my Contact Form to shoot me an email.

  • ambx for
    A library in for controlling the Philips AMBX gaming ambiance system. I’ve also set up a CodePlex project for this project.
  • VBLiner
    A little command line utility application I wrote up ages ago that applies line numbers to all files in the VB6 project, and to all projects in a VB6 Project Group. When combined with good error handling techniques, this can be invaluable for properly handling errors in VB6 projects. Of course, we are talking VB6 here, so exactly how useful this is anymore is debatable. But, if you’re in maintenance mode on an application, you might find it helpful.
  • BookmarkSave
    A little VB6 addin (written in!) that provides the long missing “automatically save and restore bookmarks and breakpoints” functionality to the VB6 IDE.
  • Windows Media Player in
    An example project that illustrates a pretty advanced technique to connect with and control an already loaded instance of Windows Media Player (or Windows Media Center).

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