Media Center and the command line

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I’ve used several different media players over time, but since stumbling across J River’s Media Center, I haven’t seen the need to use anything else.

It has an fast and flexible database, and it can tag multiple tracks very efficiently. Plus it looks great!


I really only have two negatives about it.

  • I still can’t get it to work right with my Tivo. When it DID work, it was great. But it quit at one point about a year ago, and I’ve never been able to get it to work since. Galleon, on the other hand, works great with Tivo, and has since I first installed it.
  • The Next and Previous track keys on my MS Comfort Curve keyboard don’t actually go to the next and previous tracks like they should when MC is minimized. The volume and pause keys work perfect though.

Ok, scratch that last negative. I posted a question to the MC forums and got some very helpful responses, which led me to the Media Center Wiki with this post about the command line options. Just use:




and Viola! Next and previous work just fine, no matter whether MC is minimized to the systray or not.

Now, maybe someone has an idea about getting it to work with Tivo again. Anyone?

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