Office 2007 and RibbonIDs

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By now, I suspect the Office 2007 Ribbon is a bit old news.

From a developer’s point of view, it’s relatively easy to customize the ribbon via add-in code, which is really nice. And since there seems to be no dearth of examples on doing so, I won’t be wandering down that path.

For Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, things are pretty straightforward, because, as far as I can tell, there’s only one Ribbon for them.

But in Outlook, things are more complicated. The main Outlook window doesn’t even have a ribbon. But the sole parameter of the main entry callback for customizing the ribbon is:

Public function GetCustomUI(ByVal RibbonID as string) as string

so what are the possible RibbonIDs?

After a good bit of searching, I found the following table in the VSTO3CTPTutorial.doc file that identifies them all:

RibbonID MessageClass
Microsoft.Outlook.Mail.Read IPM.Note.*
Microsoft.Outlook.Mail.Compose IPM.Note.*
Microsoft.Outlook.MeetingRequest.Read IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Request or IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Canceled
Microsoft.Outlook.MeetingRequest.Send IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Request
Microsoft.Outlook.Appointment IPM.Appointment.*
Microsoft.Outlook.Contact IPM.Contact.*
Microsoft.Outlook.Journal IPM.Activity.*
Microsoft.Outlook.Task IPM.Task.* and IPM.TaskRequest.*
Microsoft.Outlook.DistributionList IPM.DistList.*
Microsoft.Outlook.Report IPM.Report.*
Microsoft.Outlook.Resend IPM.Resend.*
Microsoft.Outlook.Response.Read IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Resp.*
Microsoft.Outlook.Response.Compose IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Resp.*
Microsoft.Outlook.Response.CounterPropose IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Resp.*
Microsoft.Outlook.RSS IPM.Post.Rss
Microsoft.Outlook.Post.Read IPM.Post.*
Microsoft.Outlook.Post.Compose IPM.Post.*
Microsoft.Outlook.Sharing.Read IPM.Sharing.*
Microsoft.Outlook.Sharing.Compose IPM.Sharing.*

BTW, for those that are interested, in Word, the RibbonID is always Microsoft.Word.Document

Similiarly, in Excel, it’s Microsoft.Excel.Workbook

and in PowerPoint, it’s Microsoft.PowerPoint.Presentation

I wasn’t able to find that info published anywhere. I suppose it’s technically irrelevant, but still…

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