Vista and QuickTime

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I like Apple, and I even owned a Mac for a time (a IIcx, yeah, it was a while back<g>).

But QuickTime is a bit annoying.

First, it keeps “offering” to install ITunes for me, even after I’ve clicked the “don’t bug me about this again” button.

And second, on a Vista machine I have, it totally trashes the video, puts little bars everywhere. You can still see what’s going on, at least enough to reboot the machine.

And reboot you must. There’s no other way I’ve found to correct the situation once it’s happened.

I started hunting for possible resolutions to this and found several mentions of this:

  • Right click the QuickTime icon in the tray
  • Select settings
  • Click the drop down and select Video Settings
  • Click the “safe mode” option
  • Close and reboot

It seemed to work for a bit but the problem came back.

So I started playing with it and found that if I unselect the Safe Mode option (ie click the OPTIONS radio button), then UNCHECK the Enable DCI and Enable DirectDraw, that seems to make things much more stable. Haven’t gotten the trash screen since.

Your mileage may vary.

Let me know if it helps.


  1. Ralf says:

    Mediaplayer Classic, man. That’s the way to go. Add on one of the free codec packages (I like CCCP) and it’ll play anything you come across, including divx and DVD. Even RealPlayer files.

  2. Darin says:

    That’s a new one for me. Looks very promising though.

    Thanks for the pointer!

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