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I’ve read a ton of good press about BlogJet and from the demo I looked at it’s pretty slick. But BlogDesk is free and does everything I needed it to, until now.

I have to say, Windows Live Writer is an awfully nice way to write blogs, and it’s free as well. It works smashingly with dasBlog, sets up on Vista without a hitch, has a built in spell checker, which myself (and a lot of blog writers out there) need, and can even edit blog entries using the styles cribbed from you blog itself.

Check out this screenshot of Live Writer entering this actual entry.


Sweetness. And it pulled the style sheets automatically. It doesn’t look exactly  like my blog, but hey, that’s pretty good for being editable!

Finally, if you prefer, there’s all sorts of effects you can give graphics as you paste them in. I tend towards the simplistic, but there’s drop shadows, overlays, transforms, etc to play with.

UPDATE: Well, Live Writer is nice, but it’s definitely still beta. With lots of images, it seems to crash when loading drafts to continue editing. But it works well enough for image-light pages, so your mileage may vary.

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