Titans of Grammar

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I’ve been known to make a few spelling mistakes in code (retrieve vs retreive caused me no end of pain at one point, long, long ago), and any programmer knows that it can sometimes be tricky to get the grammar right for a particular dialog, especially when a checked checkbox causes something to not happen<g>. I usually set up a special priority (1000 in a 1-10 system) for spelling and grammar mistake bugs in whatever bug tracking system I’m using, because, let’s face, it, few bugs are more embarrassing, both for the programmer and the company, and fewer still can be located and fixed as easily.

But this one surprised me. It’s in the IIS7 management console.

Bad Grammar

Ah, good to see that even billions of dollars in liquid capital can’t solve this problem.


  1. Ralf says:

    Funny story…

    I was working with one of those USB mag-card readers, you know: the kind that let you swipe a credit card and inject the decoded information into the keyboard buffer. Everything was going great. Compiled to test, moved the app over to another workstation.

    No workee. Swiping a card caused SOMETHING to happen, since everything on the machine ground to a halt for a number of seconds… but no data from the card. In frustration I swiped the same card three times in a row, and KABLAM!

    The in-tray spelling checker I’d installed blew up with a horrible error message. It had been fruitlessly trying to spell-check the incoming keyboard data stream and (apparently) freaking out.

    Shutting off the spell-checker fixed the problem.

    So, moral of this story: do not try to spell-check raw ascii data from external devices.

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