Star Wars at the Museum

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Checked out a very cool exhibit yesterday.

The Ft Worth Museum of Science and History is presenting “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination” till Sept 3.

It’s got plenty of interactive stuff for the kids (that most likely won’t have any idea what Mos Isley, a Jawa Transporter, or a Rebel Blockade Runner is).

Plus, it’s got stuff from Mos Isley, the actual Jawa Transporter (model), and the original Rebel Blockade Runner (model). Can’t get much better? Oh, but it can.

How about the original, 70lb model of the Millennium Falcon, the original Landspeeder (that looks ultra-cheesy up close!), and the first Vader costume, plus quite a bit more.

I’m sure it’s touring, but I couldn’t find out any info on other museums it’ll travel to next, so be on the lookout in your area. 

Good stuff.


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