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I’ve noticed a disturbing trend with Windows Explorer in Vista.

It tends to want to choose a “helpful” view of your files, regardless of what you have TOLD it to use for the view.

For instance, even though I’ve explicitly turned off grouping, it seems to want to turn it back on arbitrarily, and once it’s on, it seems like it’s back on all over the place, not just for a single folder.

And to add insult to injury, Explorer offers this helpful grouping:


What the hell? I know. I just blogged about Star Wars. Explorer must have hooks into Live Writer!

“A long time ago” ?!^$*!@#?

It’s bad enough that I didn’t say to group files in this folder, but to group them and then use an arbitrary “group” like this?

I can’t wait till I group by size, and at the top of the list is:

“Big ol’ honkin’ files”


  1. Ralf says:

    Other Vista groupings you’ve yet to encounter:

    Temp Files That Should Be Deleted But Never Are
    Applications That Won’t Run With Vista
    Web Sites You Keep Meaning To Visit
    Mysterious Zero-Byte Files

    Be afraid… be very afraid.

  2. Darin says:



    Now I’ve gotta go and try and find that one!

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