The Keybowl

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I’ve played around with some strange input devices, including the Felix (now called the Altra MicroPoint), the Kinesis Keyboard, and a mouse with a trackball for a scroll wheel among the more notables.

But the Keybowl has to be the most, well, interestingly named of the bunch so far.

What is it?, well, here


You basically put your hands on the two “domes” and slide them around. The left hand is like an 8 way “shift” key, and they right hand selects a specific character from a set of characters depending on the position of the left hand dome.

For someone with limited hand mobility, I could certainly see some benefits, but it does look a bit, er, strange.

They should wrap it in knit.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


  1. Ralf says:

    Somehow (dunno why) this reminds me of my proposal for the "Butt Mouse": Basically, a seat cushion attached to an optical mouse, with two foot pedals for left/right click. The user wiggles their hips and shifts their weight to mouse around, leaving both hands free to type.

    MAD! They called me MAD!! But who’s laughing now??


  2. Darin says:

    Pair ’em up, that’d be one funky desk setup.
    Not to mention programming would probably get you fired for lewd behavior.

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