Throwing out the Wheel

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No, I’m not converting my blog here to Craig’s List or anything, but I figured I’d throw out first crack to anyone that reads here.

An Force Feedback wheel is the only way to play driving games IMO. Driving with a freakin’ thumb controller just seems so….dirty.

But I’m giving up on making my Force Feedback Wheel work with Vista.

It’s USB, it’s a HID device. But the drivers just hate Vista. No idea why. I’m guessing that if I knew how to isolate the USB device ID, I could modify the INF files that come with the latest Thrustmaster drivers for Vista and get it functional. I just don’t have the wherewithal, and I’m not a device driver writer by trade, so it’s a tad more research that I want to bite off right now.

Works great in XP, though. Has paddle shifters, strong force feedback, good pedals and a thick wheel with rubber grips.

It’s a Guillemot wheel, and from what I can tell online, that’s actually Thrustmaster under the covers.

Wheel1a Wheel2a

If you’re in the Dallas, Ft Worth area (that’s Texas), let me know if your interested.

I’d let it go for cheap (say 50$ obo).

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