Favorite FireFox Extensions

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I’ve seen a few “Best tools” lists over the years, but haven’t ever stumbled across a Best Tools for FireFox list.

So, in the grand tradition of probably reinventing the wheel, but not Googling about it first<g>….

Here’s my (quite short, but sweet), list of Favorite FireFox Extensions:

  • Theme: MacfoxIIGraphite 2.1.4
    OK technically not an extension, this theme really makes for a clean, uncluttered FireFox.
  • Tab Mix Pro 0.3.6
    What tabs in FireFox should have included from the start. Forcing popups to open in tabs is something I can’t do without now.
  • DownLoad Them All
    Ok, it’s technically not polite to snarf gobs of files from a site all at once. But, well, sometimes, rude is the word, I suppose.
  • IETab
    Essential if you want to stay away from opening IE but still need it for those nasty IE only sites (Parature, anyone).
  • DOM Inspector
    Quite handy for ripping into an existing webpage to see how it ticks.
  • FireBug 1.05
    Another handy little script debugger as well as CSS editor/debugger . I haven’t used it much to this point, but it seems to work quite well. Maybe there’s a better one someone can clue me in on?
  • Web Developer 1.1.4
    More CSS/DOM spelunking goodness

You can find them all by clicking Tools/Addons in FireFox and then click the Get Extensions link at the bottom right of that screen.

So how about it? Anyone with thoughts on any other really useful FireFox Addons?

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