Fun with the Clipboard

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Have you ever clipped something to the clipboard and wished you could immediately “do something” with it?

For instance, if I clip a URL, it’d be nice to simply be able to immediately “open” that URL.

Or if a clip a phone number, how about dialing that phone number (intelligently, of course, adding or removing 1+ and dealing with area codes, prefixes and the like). Esp useful for WebEx or Gotomeeting conference calls that require not only dialing a number but dialing the meeting access code as well.

Or how about immediately jumping to Google Maps to highlight a place if you just clipped an address?

I’m building a little open source example utility to do these very things, but was wondering if there wasn’t something else it could do as well (within that general idea) that I’m just not seeing.

Two or three actions just doesn’t seem like enough to warrant a whole utility.

Or is there already a utility to do this?

Any thoughts?

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