A Great Little Headset

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image I’ve got a Uniden TX-860 Two Line expandable 5.8 ghz phone system at the house that’s great for a home office setup. The battery life is excellent, sound is as clear as a wired set, it has distinctive rings (so office calls don’t get confused with personal calls), and a headset jack, plus it’s expandable to 8 or 10 phones.

The only downside is that it’s been very  difficult to find a headset that works well with it.

I’ve gone through literally a dozen plus headsets and all of them (except the one that came with the phone) make my voice to the other party sound like I’m yelling from across a football field.

But the one that came with the phone… Well…


No volume, no mute, big, clunky. It works, but that’s about all you can say for it.

I even checked out the highly-rated TheBoom and the Etymotic sets, but they weren’t any better.

I actually tried several Plantronics sets from time to time, but none of them gave a good voice level either. Then I ran into the Plantronics MX500C, one that I hadn’t tried before. It was cheap so I figured I’d give it a shot.


Awesome little gizmo. My voice sounds loud and clear to my callee, it’s got a volume control (mic and earpiece) and a mute, plus it’s lightweight and comfortable to boot. For 19.99 at Fry’s, it’s the best companion to my phones I’ve found yet.

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