Preventing Mic Feedback in Vista

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image (No not that kind of volume!)

Seems like such a simple thing. If I’m on Skype or in general trying to use a mic in Vista, the sounds from the mic end up projecting out the speakers.

No big deal until the volumes get loud enough that you get a feedback loop. Then, look out! Dogs and cats (and wife and children) will run screaming from the house!

I’d dealt with this problem for far too long (Skype was almost unusable) but couldn’t find anything on the web addressing the issue, at least not for Vista.

So I started poking around.

After far too much searching, I finally came across the secret room in Vista where the souls at Microsoft have stashed the hidden switch.

First, right click the speaker icon in the system tray (at the bottom right of the screen), and select Playback Devices:


On the next dialog, select Speakers and click properties:


On the next dialog, select the Levels tab


And make sure that little speaker icon under Input Monitor is DISABLED (like it is in the above screenshot).

If not, just click it to disable it.

This will prevent the mic input from being echoed out through the speakers, and thus prevent any kind of feedback.

Sure, it’s simple now. <g>

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