TFS Build Node Shows a Red X

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The screenshot says it all. Why was my Build node in TFS suddenly x’d out? Completely dead.

Oddly, the queries, work items, source explorer, etc. all worked fine.

But I could no longer browse or view the status of builds.

A coworker pointed me to this post, which discussed several possible solutions.

Eventually, I was able to get things working fairly easily by:

  1. Backing up my entire Visual Studio settings collection (look in the Tools Menu, Import and Export Settings).
  2. Running devenv /resetuserdata (I had to run this directly from it’s folder, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE because I’ve never put that in my PATH).
  3. Then restoring my saved settings except for the TFS settings section:


Once it finished, presto, my Build node was operational again.

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