507 Mechanical Movements

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Just came across this excellent little book. Originally published in 1868, it’s a compendium of just about every sort of mechanical means of transferring one type of motion to another than you can think of. Lots of illustrations. Makes a great reference, and the best part, it’s available free online in a djvu version. It’s a 75mb download, because the book has just been scanned in (even the text), so it’s not really searchable.

But who cares?

If you’re into steampunk in any way at all, this is a must have reference book.

As a side note, while the DJVU format and viewer is quite nice, I preferred a PDF version.

It took some effort, because, when I tried to convert it (using the PRINT function from DJVU into a PDF printer), I kept getting errors about the Courier font not being found (which it most definitely IS installed on my machine).

After some fiddling, I ended up being able to “print” it to the “Office Document Image Writer” printer driver. I then loaded that file up into the Office Document Image Viewer, and printed to the PDF printer from there.

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