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Time to move on.

The company I was working for sold several months back. Unfortunately, it was more of a liquidation than a sale, and the buyer already has a pile of developers on staff.

Soooo…   I find myself looking for greener pastures (and tasty hay<G> ) once again.

I’ve worked in the commercial software realm for over 20 years, as developer, manager and architect, so I’m well versed in SDLC, and everything from spec development, to coding, testing, beta rollout management, bug tracking, installation development, and versioning.

I’ve written for developer mags like VBProgrammers Journal, and am a co-inventor on 8 patents (numbers 6,678,615, 6,631,326, 6,842,698,  7,142,217,  7,148,898,  7,167,187,  7,190,377 and 7,161,604). I drive for unique solutions to hard problems.

If you’ve got needs in any of the following areas, drop me a message. Maybe I can help.

  • VB.net (and .net in general)
  • Legacy VB to .net conversions (VB1 through 6, even the old DOS Basica and PDS, I’ve done ‘em all!)
  • SQL Server, TSQL, optimization tuning, DB design, etc.
  • Code porting to .net (I’ve worked with C#, Cobol, and Pascal, but can read just about anything!
  • Document Management System Integrations (particularly, DocsOpen, Interwoven, and WorldOX, various versions)
  • Legal and medical software
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Office integrations (especially commercial-level addin design and development)
  • Low level integrations (serial port, networking, that sort of stuff)
  • Installer building (particularly Wise or InstallShield)
  • Development management/team leadership
  • Product design/architecture
  • Documentation/specifications



  1. shanmu says:

    If you have any vb code for worldox integration, it would be more helpful for us. Look forward to hear from you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Shanmugam

      While I no longer have access to that Worldox integration code that I’ve written, as I recall, the Worldox API wasn’t terribly tough (DocsOpen and iManage were considerably harder to get into).

      Have you checked the Worlddox resources site?


      There’s a download there for their API (though it’s passworded, you may need to email Worldox support and ask for the pw.) Just scanned through it and there are VB examples and docs (I can tell from the filenames).

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