The Ian Knot

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imageOk, so it’s completely unrelated to VB in every conceivable way <g>.

I just came across a very nifty way to tie your shoes. It’s called the Ian Knot and there’s a very good pictorial writeup (and video) about it here.

I’m not going to repeat his pictures here, but it’s essentially, just:

  1. make a crossover knot, the way you would normally start to tie your shoes.
  2. In the right hand, make a loop exactly like you normally would, with the string going up, over your finger and down.
  3. In the left hand, make the same loop, but with the string starting below your finger and coming up over your finger towards you.
  4. then just push the two loops through each other and tighten.

Check out the site above for pictures. It’s easier to see it than describe it.

But, it IS amazingly fast, and easy.

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