Visual Studio 2010 Database Project is Slow

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I’d read lots of good stuff about the “Data Dude” in VS, and 2010 was supposed to be even better, with improved support for roundtripping, version control etc.

Trying it out on a small little sample database showed real promise. It was snappy, searches were fast, version control worked nicely and the round tripping worked fairly seamlessly.

Then I tried it on a production database.


This particular server has 3 db’s, with a combined total of 9000+ objects (tables, functions, stored procs, etc). Not a gargantuan amount but quite sizable none-the-less.

The first hint that things were not looking good was this status bar.


That number proceeded to tick down, by 10s and 100s, then suddenly jumped up to 90000+ and continued ticking down.

While it’s ticking, VS just drags. Badly. Menus take 10+ seconds to pop up. Code editing is unbearable.

Alas, it looks like all is not milk and honey in VS Datadude land just yet.

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  1. Jean-Pierre says:

    Plus one for this. VIsual Studio 2010 Data Dude is so slow as to be UNUSABLE!

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