Determining Whether You’re Running on the Windows Phone Emulator or Not

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This is a tiny little quick-tip for Windows Phone 7

I came up with a tiny little function to make it easy to check whether you’re running under the Windows Phone Emulator this afternoon.

    Public Function IsEmulator() As Boolean
        Select Case Microsoft.Devices.Environment.DeviceType
            Case Microsoft.Devices.DeviceType.Device
                Return False
            Case Microsoft.Devices.DeviceType.Emulator
                Return True
            Case Else
                '---- just a fall back case
                Return True
        End Select
    End Function

It’s trivial really, I know, but I often wrap these kinds of utility functions in an easy-to-remember function name, because remembering “Microsoft.Devices.Environment.DeviceType” is a lot more difficult than “IsEmulator” <g>.

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