Commenting out Blocks of XAML

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Just happened across a very handy trick for commenting out large blocks of XAML. If you’ve worked very much with XAML, you’ve probably run into the problem of wanting to comment out a large chunk, which might or might not already have XML style comments (<!– comment here –>).

If you’ve tried it, you’ve quickly discovered you can’t nest XML comments, which isn’t so much a XAML thing as it is an XML thing.

However, there is a fairly easy solution that works quite nicely.

First, in the declaration part of your XML file (up at the very top, where all the XMLNS elements are defined), add these lines:


    xmlns:c="comment" <-- NOTICE THIS LINE
    mc:Ignorable="d c"  <-- NOTICE THE "C" in this line
    d:DesignHeight="800" d:DesignWidth="424">

And finally, when you want to add a comment, instead of the <!– –> pair as you might normally, use this instead:

   I'm commenting out the use of the text block below
   <!-- This text block should be commented -->
   <TextBlock />

    <c:comment>This is a nested comment</c:comment>

Not only can you continue to use normal XML comments as usual, but, when necessary, you can easily (and obviously) comment out entire blocks, even if they already contain other comment elements, or XML comments.

And, by using the mc:Ignorable attribute, VS and Blend complete ignore the content of the comment elements.

Not perfect, but pretty dang close!

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