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In my current job, I have to do some maintenance on some legacy VB6 code. Yeah, its archaic by .net standards, but there’s something….comforting I guess…. about VB6. I spent almost 10 years with that language, so at this point, I know it just about as good as anyone, save maybe Bruce Kenney or Matthew Curland.

At any rate, I’ve been working with it over the last few weeks and happened today to notice that the Bookmarks menu items were all disabled, even when the cursor was located somewhere where I should be able to set a bookmark. You can see the menu items in the screenshots below. Note that in these shots, then menu items are enabled properly. I didn’t think to grab clips before trying to resolve this.

image    image

At first, I thought the problem was with one of the Addins I’d been playing with (CodeSmart, MZTools, etc).

But disabling them didn’t make a difference. Of course, it’s completely possible that an addin did the damage and VB just never “fixed itself” but I have no way of knowing.

The Fix

After playing with several possibilities and even scanning through the registry, I ended up with this simple fix.

Right Click on the menu bar, select Customize, you’ll get this window.


For each of the items highlighted above (and the others if you suspect problems there too), click the item and click the RESET button.

That’s it!

Simple. No reboots required. You don’t even have to restart VB.

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