Sony XBR Tv showing Red Lines

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I’ve had a 65″ Sony HD TV for a while now and have really enjoyed it. The picture is incredible, especially with HD content, works well as a Chromecast target, the menus are completely usable, etc.

Still, it’s not like the 80″ HD projector screen I’d used going back years. Of course, with a projector, even a bright one, I still had to have the room mostly dark to really be able to see the screen well, and watching a projector during the day in a room with two skylights just isn’t particularly doable.

Hence the Sony.

Anyway, a week or so ago I happened on the chance to pick up an 85″ Sony TV and jumped on it. Checked it out before bringing it home and everything looked good, so we loaded it up.

Got it home, hooked it up and I’m seeing faint red lines across the screen.

Worse, on some screens (usually menus or computer generating fades/gradients) I’m seeing a LOT of red lines.

But they aren’t consistent.

Here’s a few shots.

Notice the red bits around the Hulu logo
An example of shading gone wrong
Another shading example
Here’s one of the faint vertical dashed lines

Here’s the thing. Most content actually shows perfectly fine.

At some points, depending on the image on screen, the vertical dashed red lines are either completely gone or barely visible.

My guess is that during the move, we torqued the tv too much or jostled it in some way that loosened a connector.

I don’t believe the screen is damaged, because the location of the lines changes depending on the image being shown.

Anyone have any ideas?

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