Elevation in Vista

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Wow. All I can say is Wow.

I simply cannot believe how difficult MS has made it to develop under Vista.

Makes you almost wonder if anyone working on the Vista code actually developed it on Vista, while not running with UAC turned off.

The elevation nonsense is quite simply absurd.

What I find so funny about it is that I’ve seen time and again over the years, people just get used to stupid pop up messages like the UAC “Allow this operation” dialog, and just click through them without thinking. Then, the one time that there really is a rogue app executing, the user is so accustomed to clicking through, the malware gets its shot regardless of the UAC.

Kudos to MS for just adding yet another layer of hassle for the next 2-3 years before they finally figure this out. 

That said, MS and, eventually, Vista, is my bread and butter, so I might as well learn to play along, regardless of how inane the game may be.

Here’s a handy resource for some scripts and tools to help with elevating many of the common things you may find yourself needing to do.

One nifty trick is to create a shortcut to the CMD.EXE, set the Run As Admin property on the ShortCut tab and then specify a command line like so:

cmd.exe /k cd c:\ && color fc && title ***** Admin console *****

Personally, I’m looking for:

  1. a way to Dbl-Click a REG file and have it applied to the registry with a minimum of hassle.
  2. a way to right click and Register/Unregister a  COM DLL or EXE

 Right now, it requires running an elevated cmd prompt, and command lines. Sigh. And this is progress.

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