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Something that’s always bugged me about the scroll wheel is that it seems you have to upgrade your mouse with each new Windows in order for the scrolling to work properly.

For instance, I have an older Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical Corded mouse. Great mouse. Lousy scroll support.

The Logitech MouseWare drivers don’t scroll legacy app windows that have scroll bars but don’t react to the newer mouse scroll messages.

All the latest Intellipoint drivers don’t scroll legacy apps properly with it either (and possibly not even with a newer mouse, but I don’t have a newer mouse so…)

Way back when, I came across the Intellipoint 4.1 driver set that DID scroll legacy apps properly (like VB6, the main one I’m concerned with anyway).

Well, Vista flat refuses that driver set . I tried the latest Intellipoint, 6.1. It installs but doesn’t scroll right. I tried the latest SETPOINT400.EXE from Logitech. No good either. Uninstalled both and I’m back to the built-in Vista Mouse Driver.

Then I came across KatMouse. Tiny little app, but works a treat. Sends legacy scroll messages to the window under the mouse. And it doesn’t screw with newer apps that DO handle the mouse scroll wheel messages. Plus you can customize the scroll support per App or Window Class (and God knows my favorite thing to do is poke around windows with WinSpy looking up window classes so I can set each one to different scroll numbers<g>)

I’m sure there’s more involved, more flexible utilities out there to do the same thing, but I haven’t seen any yet. Any pointers?

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