Docking Toolbars in Vista

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I’ve used TrueLaunchBar for quite some time and find it indispensable for many things. Under XP, I’d switch off the Start Button completely (using their StartKiller) and use TrueLaunchBar menus for everything.

Of course, I use a Quick Launch bar at the bottom of the screen as well as a task bar, etc, but I find it quite handy to have an AutoHide toolbar docked to the left edge of the screen that contains often used folders, and other kinds of shortcuts.

Well, I created a folder specifically for my Left Edge short cuts, just like in XP, created a toolbar for it which shows  up at the bottom of the screen (next to the TaskBar) and then tried to drag it up to the left edge. No joy!

What the hell! Surely MS didn’t remove this functionality? Ah, but apparently, they have, for usability reasons. Hmmm.

However, on that same page, a commenter notes that you can still accomplish this, just not like you used to.

Basically, create a folder that you’ll use to store your shortcuts, browse to it with Explorer, then drag the folder from Explorer to the left edge of the screen. Right click on it to set some properties (title bar, etc). Viola! Toolbar on the left edge again.


Note that it looks a little funny with the thick translucent borders, but it works none-the-less.

Oh, and that folder with the right pointing arrow below it? That’s a TrueLaunchBar thing, too. 

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