Flying Saucer for Sale

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Paul Moller (the aircar guy) has finally made at least one of his designs available for sale, the Volantor.


Ok, it’s a tad goofy looking, and at 125k$ plus, it’s bit out of, oh, damn near everyone’s, price range, but still, it is for sale.

Personally, I’m waiting to see the first M400 flying around.


The amazing thing to me is that this guy has been working on this idea since the 60’s, developing all sorts of technology in the interim to fund it (and contribute to it).

Dr. Moller, keep it up!


  1. Ralf says:

    If the M400 comes with an emergency jet-pack, that’d be cool.

    A friend and I once discussed the ramifications of easy/cheap flying cars. We decided it would Really Really Suck if, at 3:00 AM, some drunken bastard ran out of fuel while flying above your home.

    Also, imagine rush-hour traffic with an added Z axis. Think people can’t drive now? Just wait.

    Flying cars will take off (ahem) when, and only when, they are mostly automated. Make it illegal to manually pilot one in public airspace, build in enough safety protocols so they can do things like avoid bad weather and land themselves in an emergency, then I’ll be interested.

  2. Darin says:

    Too true.

    I think I’m more enamored of the IDEA of flying cars than the actual reality of it.

    However, I imagine similar arguments were made when the first motor cars came out.
    "Those things just move too fast for any normal person to control".

    I could just see the fun dropping a whole town full of 18’th century commoners into Ford Taurus’s and having them drive around for a while.

    And if you turned on the radio at the same time? Everyone would go all "Scanners" on you.

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