Grid Wars 2

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Ok, nothing to do with Visual Basic, but, you gotta come up for air sometimes!

It’s been a while since a video game really wowed me.

I mean, there’s lots of slick 1st person shooters out there now and with some of the heavy iron running around now, the graphics can make “Toy Story” almost look like “Dragon’ Lair.”

Still, nice graphics only go so far. And 1st person shooters are starting to see a little stale.

Then I stumbled into Grid Wars 2. Holy cow. I mean, seriously.


World of Stuart summed it up thusly in his review; “THIS is a video game.”

Go there for some wicked screenshots (far better than what I’ve put up here) and a link to download. You can’t get it from Marc Incitti’s site anymore <sigh>. Apparently, it’s a bit too much like “Geometry Wars” for the comfort of its creator. Grab your copy while you can.

I’ve never played it’s progenitor, but Grid Wars 2 definitely brings the frenetic back to video games. Plus, some subtle scoring tricks that WOS discusses in his writeup that make it all the more interesting. And there seems to be no end to the unique powerups that pop (get 150 bad guys, 3 black holes, 4 snakes, with quad cannons, side fire, fast fire and bouncing shots going all at once, and you’ll swear your screen is about to catch fire).

And, come to think of it, there is a little bit of VB goodness here, or rather BASIC goodness. It’s opensource, and written in BlitzMax, a pseudo-basic, game programming platform form Blitz Research. Plus, the install is unbelievably sweet. A zip file. Just unzip somewhere and run the EXE. T’would be a blessed day that Office trod down that path.  

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