Opening a command prompt as Administrator, the easier way

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Over at Scott Hanselman’s blog, he just posted an interesting bit about hard resetting your network connection.

Good info, though I can’t say I’ve ever had the need to club it quite that hard.

Anyway, one of the comments struck me as FAR more useful, and something I did not know.

When you’re opening a CMD prompt, you can hold down CTRL and SHIFT as your press ENTER to open it as an administrator (after you supply the right password, of course).

This is a very handy little bit if you regularly have to pop onto normal permissioned user’s systems in order to load up the newest bits of some accounting package that can’t be installed without admin credentials, or if you’re insane enough to try developing under Vista with UAC turned on.

It smacks the heck out of:

RUNAS /USER:{machinename}\Administrator cmd

Sadly, it appears to only work under Vista, though.

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