Laptops, love’em or leave’em?

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image There’s an article at now about the 10 things we hate about laptops.

It’s a nice read and it just reinforces the feelings I’ve had for laptops ever since, well, since I first lugged one through an airport.

To me, they’re just a huge pain in the ass. Drop the files you need onto a portable HD (or even better, a USB key drive) and go. Seems like a much better solution.

I know, I know, there’s plenty of cases where that’s not practical or even possible, but for typical developers?

Sure, there are days when it’s sunny and 72 outside, and I’d love to be coding via wifi out by the pool. But then, I’m in Texas, so those days number about 5 per year. And writing code at the local Starbucks? Puh-lease. It makes for a good sitcom site gag, but does anybody actually code that way?

Anyone have any thoughts on the subject? Am I missing out on something I just don’t see?

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