Ah Spam, Wherefore Art Thou Progenitors?

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Grrrr. Today, suddenly, I’m seeing a literal torrent of spam response messages flooding my gmail box.

It’s pretty easy to get the source IP of the original email, and a quick check here can tell you approximately where that IP is.

In this case, the originals seem to be coming from Vienna and Puerto Rico, but they all are using depdarinhigginsgin@darinhiggins.com as a return address, which obviously isn’t an address I’d even use.

Why, oh, why do people setup autoresponders for this nonsense?

After slapping myself to keep me from setting up an autoresponder of my own (“Why the hell are you sending me messages that say I’ve spammed you without bothering to check domains, etc”), I just setup a file 13 for that address. Hint, don’t ever try to send me email using depdarinhigginsgin@darinhiggins.com!

I guess that’s a downside of having your own domains.

Is there any better way to fight email reply-to forgery? This really isn’t fighting it, it’s just more effectively ignoring it<sigh>

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